Press kit - The Chestnut Lunch Bowl. Patented design.

The new way of good habits. Modular lunch bowl. Patented design. 

- Leakproof;
- Easy to Open even for kids;
- Safe for Your Dishwasher and Microwave;
- Food-Grade Material BPA free (Tritan and PP);
- Keeps Hot and Cold;
- Comes in 2 colors: living coral and black.
- Shatter Resistant.

We want you to make your colleagues jealous when bringing your lunch in a stylish lunch bowl. We want to bring back the culture of taking lunch from home. Not only will it make people healthier, giving control over their nutrition but also will help to save money. It takes no time to cook a healthy meal in a bowl that creates the aesthetics of a fully-fledged dinner and increases appetite. 

We on Kickstarter. 

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Developer: The Chestnut
Release: November 12, 2019


Recently, bowls are everywhere: Buddha Bowls, Acai Bowls, Poké Bowls, Smoothie Bowls. Useful in a variety of situations – from eating on the go to managing a specific diet (for something like diabetes) to snacking at the gym to meal-prepping for weight loss to traveling with your lunch – our insulated lunch bowl is exactly what you need to make every meal exciting. Why are bowls so popular now? Because it takes no time to cook a healthy meal, which looks appetizing!  





You can count on The Chestnut to keep your salad dressing, soup and other liquids secured inside its edges. Your favorite purse or backpack will be safe. 


Keeps Hot or Cold

Effective like your highest-quality thermos, The Chestnut will ensure that your hot meals stay hot and your meals stay cold. There are two layers of thermo-insulated, BPA-free plastic integrated into The Chestnut, and the lid attaches snugly so that no heat gets in our out. 



Easy to Open

Opening smoothly, our lunch bowl is the right choice when you are hungry now and don't want to wait to pry off a tight lid to get at your meal. Moreover, your soup will not be all over your office if you pool the lid.


Shatter Resistant

As sleek as The Chestnut looks, it is also a heavy-duty piece of kitchen equipment. It will not lose vacuum due to micro-cracks, because it has a layer of tangible insulation inside, it will not go anywhere. 



Food-Grade Material

We have used all food-grade materials in the construction of The Chestnut.



Safe for Your Dishwasher and Microwave

The Chestnut is safe for your dishwasher and microwave, so you can cook and clean away just as you would with any other kitchen bowl.



Modular and compact

Holding 17 oz (500 ml) in volume each, you can fit a whole lot of food into it, but because of the modular design (you pick, one or two modules).

The story behind

Our company has been selling on Amazon for over 4 years. We would be happy if you visit our store. We have launched more than 20 products, some of them were a success and some of them were not. 

One day we launched a lunch bowl that seems to be fine. Unfortunately, our customers had some complaints about it and we started to search for a perfect lunch bowl and couldn't find it. We discovered that each existing on market lunch box has at least one drawback: leaks and you are at risk to ruin your favorite purse/lose it’s vacuum qualities too soon/doesn’t hold hot and cold/cannot be microwaved or is not dishwasher safe/too big (too small)/made of materials that are not safe/difficult to open for a kid. 

We spend more than a year developing a perfect in our opinion lunch bowl. 

Our team

Anastasiia Binyk


Alina Shestakova


Svetlana Vozzhennikova 

Customer Support Manager

Tamara Kovaliuk 

SMM Manager

Vladimir Kuksin


Ivan Voitovych

Industrial and engineering design