Steps to Declutter Your Entire Home

Steps to Declutter Your Entire Home

Hi! My name is Shelby, and today I would like to give you some tips about decluttering your house. Even if you do the cleaning regularly, some things need to be sorted, replaced, or also thrown away from time to time. Many people try to postpone this process since it takes too much time. However, I will share with you some tips which will help clear out your house of all odds and ends quickly and efficiently.

Never try to declutter the whole house in one go. It will be a real stress for you, and indeed it is impossible, especially if you live in a big house. There is no point in hurrying up. Clear out room by room. Sometimes it is advisable even to divide a room into two parts because some cabinets can really take a lot of time and effort to be cleaned. 

Use Special Bins

Before decluttering any room, place five bins or boxes of different colors or with the following signs:

  1. To throw away – put there all the things you don’t need anymore. It concerns litter and trash items.
  2. To recycle – put there the items which you don’t need, and they can be recycled. It can be glass, paper, etc.
  3. To donate – place there some clothes or other items which you can give other people. Think immediately where you will donate these things and who can need them.
  4. To clean or fix – place things which you really use, but they should be cleaned or repaired for further usage. 
  5. To replace – put there the items which should be placed in another room. It concerns, for instance, your jacket in the kitchen or a cup in the living room.

Sort out all these boxes when you finish cleaning every room. If you need something to be cleaned or fixed, do it immediately. In case some items should be put in other places, do it straight away.

Begin with Your Bathroom

A bathroom is usually a place of cluttering a large number of unnecessary objects. First of all, sort out all the medicines. Throw away things that have reached their expiration dates. All essential items should be put back in the cabinet. Place the medication you take more often in the first line.

Do the same with your cosmetics and personal supplies. Sort out the things according to the purpose of their usage. Have a box or cabinet for hair-care, face-care, dental care products, etc. Make sure you have checked all the drawers and got rid of all trash. Then deal with the things put into those five bins.

Declutter Your Bedroom            

This is the room where you have a rest. Therefore, it is crucial to throw away everything inappropriate or even unnecessary. Make sure that there is no clutter on your bed and under it. Then go to your nightstands. Take away the books you have finished reading some paper, pens, and pencils. Continue with all the drawers and cabinets located in the room. Don’t forget to select things that can be recycled or donated.

Try to put all the essential things back compactly. Your room should not look dirty or cluttered. For this purpose, I bought special space saver bags designed by The Chestnut company. They really made my life easier:

  • They are perfect for saving some clothes, bed linen and even toys;
  • The space saver bags are easy to use – just put the things inside, close it and roll up;
  • No vacuum is needed to remove the air;
  • They protect items from dust, dirt, mold, and insects;
  • These bags can save 70% of space.

Then sort out your wardrobe. Don’t leave the clothes you haven’t worn. If you have not used them earlier, you will not do it in the future. Donate some dresses which are in good condition for people in need. Then set the items left in order. Put all jeans in one pile, all sweaters to another, and so on. You can even buy individual boxes for some clothes. For instance, I always put all the socks into the unique Mesh Bags. Thus, they never get lost even during washing.

Declutter Other Rooms by Example  

Sort out all items in the kitchen, living room, and kids’ rooms. Use five bins for all of them. Don’t leave broken toys or cooking utensils. Don’t be sorry for some old items. There is no need for them if you don’t use them anymore. After decluttering all the rooms, you will see what you really need to buy. But the main thing is that you will feel real freedom from all the trash that has cluttered your house for many months or even years. 

The whole process can take a few days or even a week. The more often you will sort everything out, the less time it will take. Use these tips and free your house from clutter.     

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