How to Throw an Eco-friendly Holiday

How to Throw an Eco-friendly Holiday

Hi! My name is Shelby, and I am fond of organizing big cool parties. Nowadays, people try to take care of our environment and say no to any celebrations since they produce a lot of waste products and mean the usage of a considerable amount of plastic dishes and cutlery. However, I have another option and want to share with you some tips about organizing a great party which will even bring benefits to our planet.

Forget about Traditional Invitations

It is high time to get rid of the habit of sending paper invitations for any celebration. Everyone has a phone or laptop, uses social networks and email. Take advantage of it. Create beautiful online invitations and send them to your friends and relatives via email. Add some GIFs or animations and be sure such a request will look more presentable than a printed one. At the same time, you will save a lot of money.

Create the Party Theme 

Everyone is getting used to theme costume parties. There is no point in saying no to this fun idea. But come up with something original and eco-friendly. For instance, ask your friends and relatives to wear secondhand or recycled clothes. You can even have dome competitions. For example, find the cheapest look, the most fashionable and stylish outfit, and so on. You can also present some small handmade gifts to all guests meeting the requirements.

Use Only Organic Food 

Undoubtedly, organic food is not cheap. But such an event is really worth it. You can save a lot of money by buying the products in bulk. Try to cook everything or at least a large part of the dishes by yourself. It can take a lot of time and effort, but you will not spend so much money. Buy seasonal fruit and vegetables. They are rather cheap and very healthy.

Cook some simple but delicious snacks to satisfy all guests. A great idea will be to have a barbecue and cook grilled vegetables. Your party can be even completely vegetarian if you know that your guests will like it.

Use Only Reusable Plates and Cutlery

There is no doubt that the usage of plastic dishes is much more convenient and cheaper. However, an eco-friendly party means no plastic will be used at all. Find something to replace usual plates, if you don’t want to wash them after the party. For instance, you can use palm leaves or disposable wooden plates instead. 

Last time I used The Chestnut lunch boxes and must admit that I really liked them:

  • They are reusable, so I washed them, and I can use them for future parties or just for usual purposes;
  • Each lunch box can contain 500 ml. So you can count how much of them you need for your party;
  • They can keep both high and cold temperatures for a few hours. Therefore, your salads, fruit, vegetables, and some other snacks will be kept fresh. And your hot dishes will also be warmed during the party;
  • Such lunch boxes look very stylish. Be sure, they look much better than usual plastic plates.

Take Care of Decorations

Try to organize a party using natural light. However, if you celebrate something at night, use a lot of candles. This will create an unforgettable atmosphere, and your guests will definitely like it. Put some flowers and houseplants to highlight the theme of the party. Some vintage pieces of decor will create a cozy and fashionable look.

Place everywhere individual containers to recycle bottles, cans, paper, etc. You can also ask your guests to bring some things which can be recycled. Detect who is the most eco-friendly and reward him or her with small presents.

Raise Some Money for Charity

Such parties can be a perfect place for raising some money and contributing to environmental protection. For instance, donate this money to the Fund for Animal Welfare or some recycling programs. Even if the sum of money is not extremely large, it can be rather crucial for our planet. Therefore, give your guests some small but useful presents in return. It can be homemade cakes or biscuits with beautiful decor.

You can come up with some other great ideas. As you see, parties can also be eco-friendly and plastic-free. Moreover, you can even make some outstanding contributions to environmental protection. Undoubtedly, it takes a lot of time and effort to organize such an event. But your emotions are worth it. So, follow these tips and make such parties a tradition!

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  • Alina Tsyhliar