The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Deep Cleaning. Time-saving Hacks

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Deep Cleaning. Time-saving Hacks

Hi! My name is Shelby, and today I want to share with you some simple tips on making your house clean without making much effort and spending a lot of time. To be honest, cleaning has always been a real disaster for me. I’ve read a lot of tips. For example, vacuum the floor every Saturday, clean your bathroom every Monday, and so on. 

But it doesn’t work in my house where two children turn everything upside down every day. So I created my own scheme of making the house clean that is perfect for such lazy girls as me. The main thing is to get used to fulfilling some small tasks during the day. Soon they become simple habits, and you start doing them automatically.

Never Delay Washing-up 

I hated washing the dishes because it took too much time. But why not clean every plate, cup, or spoon immediately after using them? Actually, it takes just a few seconds, and your kitchen never looks cluttered with vast piles of dirty dishes.

Have you ever noticed that if you leave one dirty plate in the sink, there will be a real tower made of bowls, pans, cups, glasses, spoons, and forks in an hour? And then you don’t even know how to deal with this awful stuff. I always had an excuse that I had no time to do the washing-up immediately after breakfast or lunch. Be sure it is not a reason because the whole process takes just two or three minutes.

Make Your Bed Every Morning  

Five seconds will not make a difference for your schedule. But it will absolutely change the general view of your room. Even if there is dust on the shelves or you can find some toys on the floor, your room will look cozy and clean if you make a bed. 

Do the same with beds of your children or better teach them how to make the bed every morning. Do everything by playing a game. For instance, organize a competition on the speed of making the bed. Give the winner a small reward – a biscuit or candy.

Define a Certain Place for All Things

Actually, it is much easier than it may seem at first glance. Buy or make individual boxes for toys, papers, personal supplies, cosmetics, and so on. You can even write their names to avoid confusion.

Toys, clothes and bed linen have always taken a good deal of room in my house. It created a feeling of constant dirtiness and clutter. But I have found a solution – space saver bags designed by The Chestnut company. They have evident advantages:

  • Such bags are easy to use. Just fill them with clothes or toys, close and roll them up. 
  • No vacuum is needed to remove the air.
  • They can save up to 70% of the space.
  • Things inside will be protected from dust, dirt, bad odor, moisture, insects, etc.

Another problem was the storage of socks. Some of them were always lost after washing. I even tried to count them and control the whole process. And when I hurried up, I could never find the pair. So I ordered special mesh bags on the Chestnut website. They are perfect not only for storage but also for washing socks, underwear, bras, and other items. It is especially important to me that they are reusable.

Wipe down Sinks and Taps Every Day 

Don’t worry, it is not so awful as you may think. It will take just a few seconds several times a day. When you wipe down sinks so often, dirt and mold will not even appear. By this, I mean that you will not be forced to scrub them for an hour once a week. Be sure it will definitely save your time.

Combine this task with your simple habits. For instance, wipe down the tap and sink after washing your hands or washing the dishes. Clean your shower every day immediately after taking it. Be sure your bathroom and kitchen will sparkle every day.

Clean the Floor Regularly

Your house will also look clean and presentable when you take care of your floor. Even the smallest litter is noticeable and spoils the whole atmosphere at home. Get rid of some hair, dust pet hair every day, and you will see the result. If you have such an opportunity, buy a robotized vacuum cleaner. This device is just the right thing for lazy housewives.

So follow these simple tips and pay several minutes of your attention to cleaning every day. If you hate doing some of these things, try to delegate them to your husband or children. The best thing is to teach them to do the same actions every day. For instance, everyone can wash their dishes or wipe down the tap after washing their hands. Save your time and make the house clean without much effort. 

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  • Alina Tsyhliar